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As usual at the end of each month, we’ve prepared a brief automotive news overview to help you to keep track of the hottest headlines.

This time, we’re especially happy to include some news of our own! Additionally, we found interesting developments at Volvo Trucks and their partnership with Aurora, the Polestar’s long-term commitment to the first climate-neutral EV, and Nvidia’s DRIVE Orin AI-computing platform, that Volvo Cars has opted to use for their AV.

I hope you enjoy the read and make sure to watch out latest fire-side chat that is already available on YouTube.

ADAS Testing: From Subjective Customer Preferences To Objective Validation At Scale — Via atlatec

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been around since quite a while: Modern-day vehicles inevitably come with assistance features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane-Keep Assist (LKA), Blind Spot Monitors, Traffic Sign Recognition and other features supposed to make driving safer and more comfortable. In contrast to Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS is a huge and profitable market today, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve driven a car with such features in the last few years, though, you might have realized that the performance of these systems can vary — sometimes by quite a lot: While…

atlatec autonomous driving
atlatec autonomous driving

If you work in the ADAS/Autonomous Vehicles field, you are probably familiar with HD maps — virtual recreations of real-world roads including their 3D profile, driving rules, inter-connectivity of lanes etc.

A lot of these HD maps go into the simulation domain, where car makers and suppliers leverage them to train new ADAS/AV systems or for verification/validation of features from those domains. The reason to use HD maps of real-world roads (rather than just generic, fictional routes created from scratch) is simple: In the end, you want your system to perform in the real world — so you want to…

Netflix is great. You browse the catalog and pick the movies you like. It takes minutes only. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap. Selecting a movie and start watching is a lot faster than producing one and, well, less expensive.

At atlatec, we offer real-world data for simulation just like netflix, too. We have a database of ready-to-use 3D maps that serve as content in virtual environments and are in use for ADAS and AV simulation around the globe. These 3D maps are augmented with real-world traffic and enable scenario-based virtual validation. You, too, can look around and pick…

There are a lot of differences of opinion in the autonomous vehicle space, but one thing everyone can agree on:

Virtual training and validation of AV/ADAS systems and components are a key factor in achieving the massive scale of testing which is necessary.

To this end, we at atlatec are always working to support more simulation tools, allowing our customers to continue working with their toolchain of choice when leveraging our HD maps.

Today, we are happy to announce the newest addition to our list of supported simulation software: Cognata.

Cognata is a cloud-based simulation platform designed specifically for autonomous…

In our mission to create digital twins of real world roads, our team at atlatec has taken on a number of HD Mapping projects all over the world, delivering HD maps and 3D models for autonomous vehicle operations and AV/ADAS simulation.

Along the way, we’ve discovered a number of topics and questions that are of relevance to almost all project partners involved — and we want to take the opportunity to discuss some of these in more detail. To start, we’ve decided to answer one of the most prominent and frequent questions we get:

“How accurate are HD maps?”


September is coming to and end and it is time for the monthly automotive briefing. Our team has been expanding recently and we are happy to welcome on board our new Marketing Manager Hanna Auseyenka. Hanna is taking over the monthly automotive digest for you.

September has been quite an eventful month for the automotive industry. As some companies come one step closer towards self-driving future and gain approval to test their driverless vehicles on real roads, others, like Nikola Motors, face distressing news.

Here’s a short overview of articles that might be of interest for you.

Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ Falls Short of Its Name“ — Via Consumer Reports

There has been…

atlatec team shares automotive industry that we we think are worth reading.
This article has been written by Richard Bishop, automotive industry veteran. The article provides key take-aways and ideas from the recent Automated Vehicle Symposium.

* * *

“Warning! Bumps ahead!

Continuing my multi-part series on the recent Automated Vehicles Symposium, my most recent article provided an overview and key take-aways for the broader industry. Established in 2014, this non-profit conference is co-sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International and the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board. Being non-profit and carefully curated to maximize content and…

atlatec Releases Free High-Definition 3D Map of San Francisco’s Downtown

A 3D map of San Francisco’s Downtown/Financial District with inch-perfect accuracy is now available for public use.

Karlsruhe, Germany — Collaboration and sharing of data is a major trend in the autonomous driving space today. Joining Ford, Argo AI, Uber and others in the endeavor to do more together, atlatec now adds its own piece to the puzzle: A 3D map of San Francisco’s Downtown/Financial District with inch-perfect accuracy.

The dataset is free to use for companies, research institutions and all others. It comes with a high richness of annotated assets relevant for autonomous driving or the development of modern…

atlatec Gmbh

At atlatec, we build HAD mapping technology. We use nothing but cameras and GPS to build high fidelity 3D maps for autonomous vehicles and adas.

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